Baobab Powder


Let me introduce you to the newest “superfood” on the market. The Baobab powder comes from the Baobab tree which is native to East Africa, Australia and Madagascar. There are approximately 9 different types of Baobab tree.

The  Baobab has gained much popularity in the world of health is mainly due to its nutritional and versatile properties. It is high in antioxidants and polyphenols. It has alot of soluble fibre, rich in Vitamin C, helps with the absorption of iron, helps in the maintenance of normal levels of blood sugar, helps with weight loss due to its high fiber content, and an excellent prebiotic hence very good for your gut Microbiome.

It is also extremely versatile. Use it in your smoothies in your cereals it can be mixed with your bread as a salad dressing and a thickener for gravies in your meals.

It is also so good for the skin hence one can use it as a face mask.

Boabab Recipes – PDF

Ways to use Boabab Powder – PDF

The benefits of Baobab Fruit – PDF

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